Abby’s Helping Hand delivered iPods, headphones, docking stations and iTunes gift cards to these wonderful residents who were enjoying music when we arrived. We sang to Elvis, Broadway musicals and finished by kicking up our heels to The Tennessee Waltz!




 Surprise Brianna!! Brianna takes music therapy through Abby’s Helping Hand at East Windsor Middle School. Miss Emily, music therapist at Connecticut Music Therapy, recognized Brianna’s talent for drumming! Abby’s Helping Hand presented her with a practice drum, sticks, practice book and stands. She will practice and join the Middle School Band. Her family joined us today to surprise her on the last day of summer school.


 Meet Reinaly! Reinaly, 12 years old, has Cerebral Palsy. Because of her scoliosis, she needed an adaptive car seat to travel comfortably. Unfortunately insurance did not cover the cost of these very expensive seats because it wasn’t “medically necessary”. Abby’s Helping Hand had the pleasure of delivering a car seat to Reinaly and her family. Look at how happy she was!




 Abby met new friends at Woodlake at Tolland. John, Susan, Mary, Ann and Frances. All wonderful people who enjoy music as much as Abby. John was quiet, but told us he loves Country/Western. Susan, who connected with Abby immediately, was a Nun and of course loves the gospel/church music. She is a big help around Woodlake. Mary loves any kind of music. She and her husband would help young children and take them camping. Then, as adults, they would visit her and her husband which made her feel she had made a difference in their lives. Frances was quiet, but very grateful for our gifts and for the visit. And Ann, 101 years old, loves any kind of dance music. In fact she doesn’t put her wheelchair leg rests on so she can tap and move her feet to the music!!


how-we-help-coltonMeet Colton!! Colton is a loveable, 4-year old with Downs Syndrome.  Abby’s Helping Hand is sponsoring Colton to attend Kid Space, an adaptive play and wellness center in South Windsor, CT.  Colton is receiving physical and occupational therapy along with chiropractic and homeopathic treatment to help him with his day-to-day challenges.  Colton has recently started walking as a result of the help he is receiving at Kid Space.

Visit Kid Space at to find out more about their services.

ElanaMeet Elena!! Elena has been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3. Elena is a two year old girl full of life and love! She uses a wheelchair to effectively get around as the nature of her disease effects her muscle function and her walking is extremely limited. Abby’s Helping Hand helped her family raise funds for a handicap accessible van.






thaliaMeet Thalia!! Thalia is a 10yr old sweetheart born with Spina Bifida. She is a very smart and energetic girl, she participates in sports, cheerleading, and swimming. She also enjoys making bracelets and loves to be mommy’s little helper. She has an incredible spirit. Abby’s Helping Hand partnered with the Molly Tango Foundation to provide Thalia with a roll-in shower.




taraMeet Kate!! Kate is a happy, smart, fun and loving 2 year old who was born with cerebral palsy. She will be attending a 3 week intensive physical and speech therapy program to improve her motor skills thanks to Abby’s Helping Hand. She is very motivated and the intensives help her to make big strides!





how-we-help-charlieMeet Charlie!! He is 7 years old. Charlie was diagnosed with autism. Charlie is a beautiful energetic little boy. Charlie will be starting swim class with Angel Fish therapy thanks to Abby’s helping hand.Charlie will learn to swim and also receive therapy while having a fun time.













Meet Nathan!! Abby’s Helping Hand is assisting Nathan with various forms of therapy at Kid Space to help him with communication and mobility struggles.

oliviaMeet Olivia!  Isn’t she adorable!  She is non-verbal and confined to a wheelchair.  Access into her home was very difficult…uphill, several yards from the driveway.  Abby’s Helping Hand provided the funds to build a ramp into her family’s home.




Meet Luke.  This adorable fighter won the hearts of so many in our community.  Luke was battling childhood cancer and spent a significant amount of time at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  Look at that beautiful smile…which he wore quite often despite the battle.  Abby’s Helping Hand helped his family with high medical bills.  While Luke lost his battle, he will be forever in our hearts.




Meet Emma.  Emma has chronic respiratory failure and requires a ventilator.  Abby’s Helping Hand assisted her family with in home nursing care while her brother Tristan was born.





This is Jonathan.  He is 16 years old and fighting a rare skin disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa.  His family needs a wheelchair accessible van.  Abby’s Helping Hand assisted in their efforts to raise funds for this very expensive purchase.



This is Thomas.  He is 9 years old and fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy….a form of mitochondrial disease.  His family needs a wheelchair accessible van.  Abby’s Helping Hand assisted in their efforts to raise funds for this very expensive purchase.

Donahue Family



This is Aiden and Kaitlin.  Both have mitochondrial disease.  Abby’s Helping Hand helped Aiden relocate to a facility where he would receive the care he needed to thrive and be close to hid family.  Since this picture was taken, Aiden has passed.  In his last days hew was comfortable and happy surrounded by family.


how-we-help-abbyThe funds that you donated to purchase raffle tickets at the 2013 Walk for Abby were given to the Special Education Department of East Windsor.  The money was used to purchase adaptive physical education equipment for special needs children in both the elementary and middle schools along with a wheelchair swing for the Broad Brook Elementary School playground.  Now, children like Abby who are wheelchair-bound can safely swing at recess with their friends!!


Special education and Pre-K students in East Windsor will benefit from music therapy during the 2015-2016 school year.  Music Therapy has been proven to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals, both young and old.  It can even help with communication skills providing avenues where students have difficulty expressing themselves.  Professionals from Connecticut Music Therapy, LLC ( will visit the Broad Brook Elementary and East Windsor Middle School on a weekly basis to provide nurturing and creative possibilities through music.


Abby’s Helping Hand gave $500 scholarships to the following high school seniors in 2016:

Molly Briggs, East Windsor High School, attending Merrimack College majoring in Exercise Science

Mona Hussein, East Windsor High School, attending Central Connecticut State University majoring in  Biochemistry

Gabriela Resto, East Windsor High School, attending University of Connecticut majoring in Pharmacy

Kayla Condron, Ellington High School, attending Eastern Connecticut State University majoring in Art Education

Aaron Virkler, Ellington High School, attending University of Connecticut majoring in Allied Health Science

Margaret DaMotta, Windsor Locks High School, attending Westfield State University majoring in Nursing

Danielle Rich, Windsor Locks High School, attending Westfield State University majoring in Special Education